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providing web based solutions for commercial real estate

About Us

ZStrata was established in 1999 with a long term vision to be the leading systems technology provider to new online markets, accelerating their growth by providing a complete affordable solution to power online markets.

We believe that there are core capabilities needed by all markets and that each market has unique needs that must be met. We have built MarketFronts to provide the core capabilities, and to be easily extended to meet a specific markets unique needs.


In addition to the creation of the MarketFronts Product Platform, ZStrata offers a few additional services:

  • Web Site Design/Development - ZStrata can deliver a new design for your site that reflects your qualities and capabilities, refine your current design or work with your graphic designers. We have expertise in all current technologies, from AJAX to Flash to Interactive 3D. We have built/designed almost every one of our client's websites.
  • eCommerce Solutions - Our experience in building transaction based marketplaces, enables ZStrata to successfully implement your ecommerce needs.
  • SEO, Search Engine Optimization - A good design is only half the battle. From website search engine submittals, ad word campaigns and full website "search engine efficiency" reviews, we've got you covered.
  • New Marketplace Development/Implementation - MarketFronts has been designed to support any product and we can customize it to fit your online products/marketplace. We encourage you to contact us to discuss new ideas and verticals.
  • Business and Technology Development - Many of our clients rely on us to be their Software Development "Department" and develop an ongoing business relationship.

Please contact us if you're firm is interested in updating your web presence or are considering just getting started.


Contact Information

ZStrata L.L.C.
33 East Carver Street, Suite 2
Huntington, NY 11743

Phone: 631 673-3291
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