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ZStrata was established in 1999 with a long term vision to be the leading systems technology provider to new online markets, accelerating their growth by providing a complete affordable solution to power online markets. We believe that there are core capabilities needed by all markets and that each market has unique needs that must be met. We have built MarketFronts to provide the core capabilities, and to be easily extended to meet a specific markets unique needs.

MarketFronts is currently offered for two market verticals, as well as a private label solution:

  • MarketFronts Commercial Real Estate - MarketFronts CRE is an affordable, packaged solution configured for brokerages, tenant representatives, and property managers/owners, providing the marketing, analysis, presentation and communications tools that real estate brokers will find it increasingly difficult to compete without.
  • MarketFronts Commidities/OTC - MarketFronts Commidities/OTC is an affordable, packaged solution configured for your brokerage to present and communicate your marketplace. It includes all the necessary tools for product and market management as well as the ecommerce solutions needed to execute transactions within your marketplace.
  • MarketFronts Build Your Own Market - The MarketFronts platform can build and deploy your marketplace. Whether you have a B2B or B2C business MarketFronts can be configured and customized for your products/markets.

We invite you to learn more about the MarketFronts Platform and how it will enable your firm to Compete, Collaborate and Close more deals.

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